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The founding members of ED-REAP are the leaders. Dr. Solomon Abraham, President, Dr. Kiros Berhane, Vice President, Dr. Mulugeta Gebregziabher, Secretary, Dr. Mekonnen Gebremicheal, Dupty Secretary, Dr. Haile G. Selassie,  treasurer.

Ethiopian Diaspora Participants

Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora who are joined with ED-REAP in support of its Mission, Vision and Goals.

Ethiopian Participants

While not part of the Ethiopian Diaspora, current participants who are working in Ethiopia in collaboration with ED-REAP in support of its Mission, Vision and Goals.

Friends of Ethiopia

As the name ED-REAP indicates, this organization was formed by members of the "Ethiopian Diaspora". But our Mission, Vision and Goals are much broader, and participation in ED-REAP is not limited to those who are part of the Ethiopian Diaspora. We welcome all who share our Mission, Vision and Goals. To appropriately distinguish these additional participants, we have called this membership category "Friends of Ethiopia", and welcome all those who wish to join together in our efforts.

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