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Advancement through Partnership

Harvesting Knowledge through Partnership

The organization envisions a linkage of the vast scholarly resources of the Ethiopian Diaspora with appropriate Ethiopian higher learning and research institutions for the betterment of the people of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Diaspora is a huge reservoir of world-class scholarly skills in a wide array of multi-disciplinary fields of study; and has amassed vast amount of teaching, research, leadership, management, and policy-making experience from all over the world.

Because of its cultural, emotional and historical attachment to Ethiopia, the Diaspora can play a significant role in accelerating the ambitious developmental activities currently underway in Ethiopia.

The main mission of this organization is to create a network of ED scholars that would serve as a think-tank group to create, co-ordinate and foster partnerships between ED and their host institutions and Ethiopian higher learning and research institutions in order to bring about a productive research culture and to produce well trained class of Ethiopian intellectuals.

The three broad goals of ED-REAP are:

. To support the
Ethiopian Education sector through participation in short term graduate and undergraduate teaching, providing continuing education/training and serving as a conduit between Ethiopian and US universities with the objective of fostering partnerships.

• To support and promote the culture of research among faculty and students of higher learning and research institutes in Ethiopia by providing advice on effective ways of creating and maintaining research infrastructure, effective ways of using statistical data for informing policy, undertaking research and providing training and mentoring on research methods.

• To support the leadership and management system development by introducing modern university management system such as introducing an IT-based student administration, and personnel and financial management systems and through participation in local university leadership capacity development activities including but not limited to coaching leaders, delivering short term leadership capacity development programs.

Dr. Solomon Abraham, PhD, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Mathematics Education, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at North Carolina Central University (Durham, NC, USA).

Dr. Kiros Berhane,, PhD, Professor at the Division of Biostatistics, Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Dr. Mulugeta Gebregziabher,PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Public Health Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston, SC, USA)

Dr. Mekonnen Gebremichael, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Dr. Haile Mariam G. Selassie, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Accounting, Agribusiness, and Economics, College of Business and Applied Professional Sciences, South Carolina State University (Orangeburg, SC, USA)


We are requesting information to create a professional database to realize ED-REAP's mission. Please send your:
  • First Name, Last Name
  • Highest Degree
  • Field of Study
  • Institutional Affiliation
  • Primary Research Area
  • Contact Information - e-mail, telephone, postal 
e-mail: info@ED-REAP.org

Universities with some form of Ongoing Collaboration

Mekelle University
Adigrat University
Axum University
Addis Ababa University
Hawassa University

Corporations with some form of Ongoing Collaboration


Public Universities in Ethopia

List of Ethiopian Public Universities

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